Celtic and fantasy singer

Riona in traditional Celtic garb

Riona is a Celtic and fantasy singer who sings in the venerable Irish tradition of unaccompanied performance. She performs at various Renaissance, fantasy and historical faires and events in Oregon and Washington. Her debut album “Riona Through the Faire” is available for purchase wherever she is performing.



Riona in traditional Celtic garb

What is your favourite song to sing?

I have a lot, but my favourite is probably Lord Baker, it's my 10 minute and 40 second epic. It's a song which has only been recorded a few times, but which is very old, evidenced by the phrasing and lack of a chorus. I prefer singing really intense passionate songs, songs with lots of dead people in them, or at least with lots of big feelings in them and intensity. I also like singing songs that are vocally challenging that keep me on my toes.

Do you perform in accompaniments?

Sometimes I team up with fellow musicians at Renaissance faires and we perform a song or two together on the spur of the moment, beautiful and surprising things can happen in these impromptu performances. I wouldn't take anyone as a regular bandmate unless they were my husband or another family member, as performing together can be contentious and I love knowing that the only mistakes that are made while I performing are my own mistakes.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you love to sing? What season or time of year do you most enjoy singing?

My favourite places to sing are Renaissance faires. My favourite time to sing is in summertime, when faires are occurring. And in spring, as we have a couple of fantasy/pirate events in spring. I also love singing at Christmastime and pulling out all my Christmas songs!

How many songs do you know?

This is a closely guarded secret that I tell no one. People guess, but I refuse to tell them the exact number, for some reason I think that a bard ought not to tell such a secret to anyone, but I continue to learn and add new songs of course, so the number doesn't stay finite very long.


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