Thank you!

I’d like to thank all those people who participated in our 2nd annual Riona’s Cave of Treasures, held on Saturday February 6th, 2016.  This event could not exist without the hard work and participation of so many people.

Thank you to all of our vendors who sold with us this year.  The caliber of the wares this year was wonderful and our fairecomers were very pleased with the wide variety of different sorts of wares to choose from and the kind hearted people creating and/or selling them.  Thank you also for all of your generous raffle donations!  Our fairecomers loved having the raffle and four fairecomers won baskets of amazingly interesting and cool items!

Thank you to all of our performers.  You all were really enjoyable and interesting to watch and our audience enjoyed the variety.

Thank you to Mary who helped in various capacities: putting up fliers with me, helping with Facebook, emailing out our applications since we were having website challenges and encouraging vendors.  Thank you also to Karen Huntley and Nickeless C. Nickelful for helping me put up fliers also.  Thank you to Robert of SilverTide Jewelry for doing our graphic design work on our promotional materials and designing our new banners.  Thank you to Neil Marker of FastSigns for making our wonderful new banners.  Thank you to Founding  Mothers for their decorating expertise and cave decorations, and thank you to Fairy Princess Lolly for bringing the trellis so we had a cave to decorate, it was such fun having the decorated cave entrence this year!

Thank you to my mother, Terri, for helping with so many little nitty gritty aspects of the event, your help was indispensable.  Thank you to my dad, Mike, for helping me put up fliers, helping with set up, taking admissions and charting where people heard about the event so we know what is helpful advertising wise, we couldn’t have an event without all your help.  Thank you to my uncle Andrew of Good Impressions Printing Co. for printing our promotional materials.  Thank you to Thor Kuhn for contracting with us for the PA system.  Thank you to Fairy Princess Lolly again for entertaining the children at the event and taking handbills over to Lloyd Center to encouraged folks over there to come.  Thank you to Lizzy of Shabby Knapsack’s kids for doing similar helpful things in the park.  Thank you to Stu Holbrook for providing such delicious and free organic cotton candy for us all!

Thank you to our former webmistress Kelly, if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t even have an event, you were so helpful in getting this event off the ground originally and managing our website.  Thank you also to our new webmistress Sarah, who helped us when we had some significant challenges and who will be going forward with us in keeping our website running smoothly and well.  She’s got some cool ideas so stay tuned all!

Thank you to the DoubleTree Hotel for being so pleasant to work with and being a wonderful venue for our event.  I hope we can continue to work together for quite some time to come.  The staff who helped us in the exhibitors hall really went above and beyond and we were extremely thankful to have them working with us!

Thank you to all those who put up a flier somewhere they frequent, gave out some handbills to friends or promoted us online.  Advertising is the most important aspect of running an event and the more people we have helping the more gets done!  Thank you to all the newspapers and online calendars who accepted our event submission and advertised for us.  Thank you to all the businesses around town who let us hang our fliers in your windows and on your walls!

And of course, thank you to all who came to Riona’s Cave of Treasures as fairecomers!  I hope you had a great time and we’ll look forward to seeing you again next year.  May it be that the event will continue to grow and it will flourish and last for many years to come!

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