Thank you!

Thank you to all who participated in and attended Riona’s Cave of Treasures this year.  This event doesn’t exist without all of our wonderful participants and fairecomers.

Thank you to all of our vendors, helpers, and performers.  Thanks to Los Grillos for sharing their sound equipment with us for the day.  Thanks to Robert of SilverTide Jewelry for our graphic design.  Thanks to my parents for helping with admissions, set up and a meriod of other tasks to make things easier.  Thank you to my dear friend and  webmistress Sarah, both for her website management throughout the year and for coming all the way from Renton to help on the day of the event.  Thank you to our volunteers for helping with promotion.  Thanks to my best friend Mary for helping with event promotion and hanging fliers, and thank you to my good friends Karen and Nickeless, my friend Lisa and all others who helped with fliers.  Thank you to all who promoted the event in various ways.  We’re thankful to have a big, centrally located space at the DoubleTree to hold our event in, the staff is always kindhearted and helpful.  And thanks with a hardy “huzzah!” to all of our visitors on Saturday!