Other Projects

Riona’s Cave of Treasures was a scifi/fantasy/historical/oddities themed artisan faire which I ran for five years.  It was held in Feb. or March each year and I thoroughly enjoyed the running of it.  Thank you to all of our vendors, performers and helpers/volunteers who made this event so special and such fun each year.

Cove of Treasures

Riona and her good friend Andrea have a booth at the Antique Alley located at 2000 NE 42nd Ave. Portland OR. The Antique Alley is a large lovely antique mall located in the lower floor of 42nd Street Station mall, we’re booth no. B-16, look for the Cove of Treasures sign. Here you will find all manner of interesting things, from locally made artisan wares to antique furniture and glassware to collectible toys and more! There are always new treasures to discover.

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